Concrete Furniture

Concrete furniture is, for the most part, what we call immovable concrete work, that we make in situ – so anything from benches to stairs, to fixed tables. The work tends to be heavy and heavily reliant on careful and creative formwork. The right concrete mix design then ensures that the piece perfectly recreates the contours of the formwork. We make bespoke concrete furniture pieces only for you, to your design to our standards.

When moulding the treads and risers of stairs, we typically use phenolic plywood boards. With judicious use of steel rebar and high-performance concrete and GFRC, we are able to obtain load-bearing support slabs at less than 25mm thick. When making double-curved garden or street benches we will more typically use thin sheet steel. When but-welded these will produce a seamless contour for the concrete to form against.

Another use of GFRC is in architectural cladding. From the enormous sculptural qualities of Zaha Hadid projects across the globe to geometric wall panels in boutique hotel lobbies. There are endless ways that GFRC can be used to give texture and idiosyncrasy to any built environment.

Shower trays, shower walls, planters, reception desks, lamps, seats, benches, hearths, board-room tables, barbecue tables, fire pits, sun loungers, fencing, concrete wall tiles, concrete floor tiles. We have used GFRC with great aesthetic success across the architectural spectrum.

We also make smaller concrete architectural furniture: tables of various sizes and shapes, planters, hearths, sinks, stools, chairs and benches. Go to our gallery to see some of our examples of this genre.

Alternatively, go to pinterest to gorge on beautiful projects from around the internet.